Dream Journal 2018-02-11

Last night I first dreamed I was talking to my housemate about my PC. He was saying how he remembered when I had to sleep and live under a tarp outside the house on the sidewalk for whatever reason, a time when I was playing some FPS that was just out and popular at the time. It was some dark gothic kind of deal, maybe what Doom 3 would have been if it had been Dark Souls.

Back then my PC was apparently pretty bad and couldn’t properly run the game. I had some really old FPS peripheral hooked up to it in the shape of a machine gun that needed an actual real ammunition belt to provide power to the in-game gun. And the ammunition belt had to be manually reloaded once it was used up. Also, my housemate was saying how I was still using the 4 sticks of 1GB A-DATA RAM he gave me five years ago.

(This shows you how weirdly disconnected from reality my dreams can be, because the A-DATA RAM he gave me five years ago was 3x4GB, not 4×1.)



Next dream, I was on a passenger ferry sailing down a river. Peter Parker was there too. Then out of nowhere and for no reason, the surrounding landscape turned into a Dantean Hell, with the river now filled with lava instead of water and everything on the shore on fire. However the ship itself and the people on it were fine, because someone on the ship, possibly me, was actually an angel whose angelic aura was strong enough to counteract Hell in a radius of 100 meters or so.

At this point Peter Parker jumped over the side so he could change into his superhero outfit. Boat, middle of Hell, nothing to swing off of, sounds like a job for Spider-Man, right? Anyway,


Peter Parker returned to his apartment and pulled off his mask and tossed it into a corner. It was one of those tiny ones that just goes over your eyes and suddenly nobody recognizes you anymore. Then he walked off to take a shower.

As soon as he was in the shower another guy broke into his apartment. He was wearing what I assume was a supervillain costume. He went over to a wall where Peter had a decoration consisting of two boards holding pool balls, 6 balls to a board. The intruder punched the balls so they fell out of their slots, and then he pressed his thumbs into the center slot of each board, expecting that this would open up the secret door to Peter Parker’s secret Spider Cave. When this failed to happen the guy began to angrily press his thumbs into the other slots at random, convinced that one combination or another would open the door.

Then he was knocked unconscious from behind by a second intruder.


I was in Peter Parker’s apartment along with Peter and a few of his friends. Peter was lying on the couch because he was tired and his friends were playing some board game based on Warhammer 40,000. I was a bit miffed that I wasn’t playing with them. One of the players got tired and decided to take a nap, which annoyed the other players. I reflected that between Peter and the other guy taking a nap, the couch was getting a bit feety.



Dream Journal 2018-01-20

Last night I dreamed I was in an Internet conversation with some people. In this context “in an Internet conversation” was indistinguishable from physically being there. Most of the people there were strangers to me, except for my friend’s brother’s girlfriend.

The people were playing games on their tablets (I think) so I showed them Doom, specifically Doom’s invulnerability mode. I pointed out that while the player is invulnerable the screen becomes shaded white, because that was apparently very hard to spot. I also explained that the invulnerability was called God Mode because Doomguy got a facial from God, making him temporarily invulnerable, which was also why his eyes turned white like that.

This prompted a tangent about a hypothetical “Devil Mode” for Doom where Doomguy’s eyes start to glow red and the screen is shaded red, with the possible effect of enemies not attacking the player or giving the player the ability to make enemies fight each other.

(That would actually be really fun.)

My friend’s brother’s girlfriend apparently thought my joke about God Mode was very funny, because she asked me to join her Lulea Catgirl Society. Or something. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was some club for people living in that city and it was highly frivolous like that.

I really didn’t want to join the Lulea Catgirl Society.

She tried to convince me though, talking about how it was a good way to connect with the community especially since she’d been living in Lulea for 15 years now so she knew the place well. I said I’d been living in Vuollerim for 10 years and I didn’t even know what was behind the house. She gave me a look, and I had to admit that okay, maybe I was exaggerating, I did know what was behind the house (FYI it’s grass).

She then took me to some restaurant that was basically a fast food restaurant but looked more like a modern office building or something, all glass and open spaces and walkways. At this point the dream went off on a tangent about the food trays at the restaurant, which had a small indentation toward one side with the label “insert burger here”. I wondered why they wanted customers to place their burgers on that specific location on the tray, and whether stupid people would try to forcibly insert their burger into the indentation, expecting it to open up like a burger slot or something.

And that’s all I remember.